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Milton Elementary/Middle School

Located near the Vermilion River, Milton Elementary/Middle School teaches more than 1,100 students each day. Last year, Louisiana named it an “A” school with an overall academic score of 92.5. Also in 2018, the campus underwent a major expansion including 42 new classrooms, a larger library and a bigger cafeteria. It is a Leader in Me school, and those values permeate the campus each day. It’s also a community. When Milton student Collin McGee was diagnosed with cancer, students, teachers and parents rallied around him and his family, hosting fundraisers and wearing shirts to support him.

Martial F. Billeaud Elementary

When it opens in Broussard in August 2019, Martial F. Billeaud Elementary will be the newest public school in Lafayette Parish. This school will have the capacity to house up to 600 students and will alleviate overcrowding at other District 9 elementary schools. It is expected to be the centerpiece of a larger residential and business development. The project represents a unique public/private partnership among the school system, the city of Broussard and Billeaud Companies.

Ernest Gallet Elementary

Ernest Gallet Elementary in Youngsville has an enrollment of approximately 914 students. It is regularly a high-rated school. In 2018, it received a ‘B’ from the Louisiana Department of Education and an overall score of 88.7. The school is a Leader In Me campus. Each day, students and teachers can be seen practicing values such as being proactive, planning, listening and synergizing. Its ambitious and creative students also run their own news station, YLAS, which stands for Youngsville Leaders Achieving Success.

Green T. Lindon Elementary

Green T. Lindon Elementary in Youngsville has an enrollment of approximately 904 students. Another historically high-rated school, it earned a ‘B’ from state officials last year, with an overall score of 88.7. For the past three years, it has been a site for the School Garden Initiative. Together with community partners, students grow crops, tend gardens, harvest the food and prepare meals with their homegrown products. Its students and teachers are also committed to regularly honoring its history and the African-American men who founded the schools that laid the groundwork for the current campus – Romaine Green, John Thibeaux and Horace Lindon.

Katharine Drexel Elementary

Located in Broussard Katharine Drexel Elementary has an enrollment of about 714 students. Last year, it earned a ‘B’ from the state of Louisiana and an overall score of 83.7. Home to the Drexel Gators, the school is a longstanding part of the Broussard community.

Broussard Middle

Broussard Middle is not only a Leader in Me school, but also a Lighthouse School, signifying that its students and staff have gone above and beyond to live the pillars of Leader in Me. The school has about 557 students and last year had a ‘C’ letter grade and an overall score of 74.5. Its administration and staff constantly strive to give students additional learning opportunities. For example, during enrichment periods, students can learn more about coding, robotics, arts, math and hands-on science experiments.

Youngsville Middle

Youngsville Middle teaches about 968 students in the ever-growing community. In recent years, officials built more classrooms on its campus to accommodate the growth. Last year, it received a ‘C’ grade from the state and a 74.6 overall performance score. A Leader in Me school, its motto is “Dragons on Fire” with a Focus on Integrity, Respect and Excellence. It has enjoyed widespread community support, including successful fundraisers to help pay for carts for its Chromebooks.

Comeaux High

Comeaux High is a robust campus in south Lafayette, with an enrollment of about 1,360 students. Most recently, it had a ‘B’ letter grade from the state, an overall score of 84.9 and a graduation rate of 82.9 percent. Long home to a thriving visual arts academy, officials opened a significant expansion there in January 2019 to accommodate its new performing arts academy. Meanwhile, Comeaux’s speech and debate team is a proven winner at the local, state and national levels, taking home sweepstakes and championship trophies multiple times.

Southside High School

It didn’t take long for Southside High to become a thriving school soon after it opened three years ago. More than 1,200 students now attend Southside High. Last year, it earned an ‘A’ from the state and an overall score of 90.2. Athletic programs are taking shape. Southside is also home to unique areas, like collaborative learning spaces and a black box theatre.