Many people would be content to retire after 43 years of tireless work. Relax, maybe go fishing, play some golf, sit on the beach.

Not Dr. Donald Aguillard.

While Dr. A has retired as a superintendent, his commitment to the students, teachers and employees of the Lafayette Parish School System remains strong. His passion for helping provide quality education to all students is unmatched. He knows how important schools are to a community’s quality of life and economic vitality. He believes the families of District 9 deserve a hard-working and dedicated board member.

On paper, being an elected school board member is a part-time job. But for Dr. Aguillard, this new chapter in his career would be a full-time responsibility. He is fully prepared and qualified to devote as much time as necessary to raising the bar for District 9 and all of Lafayette Parish.

For four decades, Dr. Aguillard has worked at every level of the school system: the classroom, the principal’s office, the central office. He’s a proven decision-maker and problem-solver. He’s a recognized leader in public education.

Dr. A isn’t ready to rest on his laurels. He’s ready for a new challenge and a new opportunity to serve the students, teachers and parents that mean so much to him. He’s ready to be the District 9 representative on the Lafayette Parish School Board.