Dr. Donald Aguillard isn’t a politician. He’s never run for office. He’s a lifetime educator and public servant. His career began in 1975 as a science teacher at Acadiana High School. From there, he became an administrator at the school and district levels.

In April 2004, the St. Mary Parish School Board hired Dr. Aguillard as its superintendent. Over the next 11 years, he led successful efforts on multiple fronts. He worked with principals, teachers and parents to increase student proficiency rates and LEAP test scores. He launched summer and extended day programs to help struggling students. He guided the district toward financial stability, new school construction and upgraded technology.

In May 2015, Dr. Aguillard returned to Lafayette Parish when the school board hired him as its superintendent. With limited funding, he found a way to build two new schools – Southside High and Martial F. Billeaud Elementary. Dozens of other schools saw facility improvements, including new classrooms, air conditioners in gyms, covered playground areas, larger libraries and bigger cafeterias. Meanwhile, Lafayette Parish students regularly outperformed their peers across the state on academic tests. More options were developed for struggling and non-traditional students. For the first time in years, a comprehensive rezoning plan was implemented, balancing student populations and letting students attend school closer to home.

It’s rare that someone with 43 years of experience in education runs for a school board position. Dr. Aguillard has seen and done it all. He’s been in the classroom. He’s been a parent. He’s been the campus leader at schools. He’s worked in the central office. He has led teams and worked with board members. He has garnered community support. Dr. Aguillard has been involved with education at every level. 43 years and counting.